"As someone doing collections for a small business, I needed competent small claims advice. After a brief meeting with attorney Brenden Smith, it became clear that he was that person. We've had tremendous success. He has extensive knowledge of Maine's Small Claims laws, and I would, without hesitation, recommend Attorney Smith to anyone in need of similar services."

"Brenden is the first person I call when I get a Bankruptcy notice."

"Brenden has helped collect on accounts that I thought would never pay."

"Brenden is one of the most responsive attorneys I have ever dealt with. Nothing is worse than having to call your collection attorney constantly to make sure that they are getting the job done. With Brenden I have never had to do that, he knows what to do and gets it done."

"Brenden is always upfront with us and gives us honest and direct answers."

"My husband...and I found ourselves in a desperate legal battle that involved a business transaction gone bad...We had hired a prestigious law firm from downtown Boston...In the twists and turns of the legal process we encountered the...brick wall of bare minimum representation...The thing about the legal system...is that you're not sure what your needs even are...Our choices seemed limited, our finances depleted, our spirits ruptured...my husband was given a few names of local Maine attorneys that might hopefully be able to help us. The first one couldn't be bothered, he didn't even call back. The second one did call back...but he couldn't have sounded less interested in any details beyond our ability to pay his fee and was somewhat demeaning and very dismissive. And then there was Brenden Smith. Brenden had called my husband back, right back...Brenden took the time to listen to my husband and our story...Once hired he instantly filed paperwork with the Court...that protected our interests...but he didn't stop there. Brenden reviewed all of our documents and found some very simple steps that our original law firm could have take in the beginning of our case that would have protected our interests, saved great time as well as additional expense...Brenden continued to work hard on our behalf, bringing sound options that secured far more in assets for us than we would ever have thought possible. The procedures were simple and productive. We can't thank or praise him enough. He has great determination and creativity. If that what you need, Brenden Smith is your man."
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By law, we must state that we are a debt relief agency helping people file for bankruptcy
protection under the bankruptcy code. We also help people resolve foreclosures and debts
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