Foreclosure Defense

If you are like most people, you want at least one of three things to happen concerning your foreclosure:

1) Stop the foreclosure and keep your home;
2) Stay in your home as long as possible; and/or
3) Not owe any money to the bank, credit union, or mortgage owner or servicer.

It sounds simple, but unfortunately foreclosure law is very complicated and requires an experienced attorney familar with current Maine and Federal statututes, case law, court procedures, legal discovery, keeping track of deadlines, and negotiation skills.

The bank has experienced attornies and office staff working hard to take your home away. Do you really want to face the bank's highly skilled legal counsel without an expert of your own? Getting a lawyer to help you with your foreclosure may be the best decision you can make.

Contact me now to arrange for a consultation about a potential or current foreclosure action.

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