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Have you ever been contacted by a debt collector? How did you react?

If you are like the vast majority of people, you became very annoyed with the collector, hung up the phone and just ignored them. Collection agencies can only call or write letters. That's nothing more than you could do yourself! Even though collection agencies can't do much more than you, they still charge you to collect the debt. Then when collection agencies run into problems (which often happens), the collection agency must turn over your collection to an attorney and the price you pay often goes up to 1/2 of the debt plus costs.

Have you ever been contacted by an attorney? How did you react then?

Most people are much more motivated to deal with attorneys than debt collectors. Many times, a letter or phone call from an attorney is enough to motivate people to pay their debts.

When you start with an attorney, if court becomes necessary, you don't pay any more in fees, you only pay Court costs.

That is why it is far better to have an attorney handle your collections.

So why pay more more for less?

Start with a collection attorney for better results and lower costs.

Attorney Smith can attend, or arrange coverage for the vast majority of Disclosure Hearings held in the State of Maine. Please contact me if you require help with your disclosure hearing.
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